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We are SO glad we did. My mother has asked for a new mattress and let her buy a nectar, as well as price and financing are very good and the bed has an excellent guarantee that does not end. I fall asleep and wake up in the same position. As described it arrived in a nice nylon bag with convenient handles to carry it up the stairs. but really the big issue in changing bedding was having my back hurt starting in the wee hours of the morning, to the point where the pain would eventually drive me out of bed right around dawn. It provides excellent pressure relief for side sleepers, but it’s too soft for most stomach sleepers. But not this one. Just FYI for future buyers the Eurotop mattress is a 'little softer' than the 10". Many companies offer a 100 day trial. The Nectar Lush is a medium to medium-firm feel. I love this mattress and hope that the claim of longevity is accurate. While it is true that most hybrid designs tend to be very responsive, all the polyfoam and 2 layers of springs make the … What? We carefully cut the plastic off and watch as it begins to magically grow into a REAL mattress! I am very pleased with our purchase. For the first few nights I thought it was just really comfortable. I weigh 170 lbs and my wife weighs....less than me..... We started out with a level 8 and decided it wasn't really soft enough so we ordered the level 10 the supposed "sleeping on a cloud" comfort level. I first purchased this twin sized mattress for my guest room. It's amazing to see it take form. Keep it up Nectar. In fact, it doesn't resemble any shape you'd associate with a bed - more like a 2-door filing cabinet. We were moving from an old innerspring mattress, and one of the nice attributes of this mattress is that you can customize firmness for each side. This is the 3rd or 4th mattress I've purchased and it is BY FAR my favorite! Still not convinced, I held on to the box just in case. It was a long, squared off box but with a vacuum-packed rolled up mattress inside. The little to no scent in my case may be due to the limited amount of time it took to get to me, about 48 hours.The first night was amazing sleep. The Mattress Nerd. DreamFoam Copper Dreams vs. Nectar Mattress The DreamFoam Copper Dreams and Nectar mattresses share many similarities. All rights reserved. We love bed and company people were very helpful and friendly. Look on below to learn if these will mesh with your body! Unfortunately, these mattresses aren't the best in terms of support. Many reported this bed does not sleep hot and I agree. Layer #1: Cover: The cover is a polyester blend with a smooth weave that’s stretchy and feels cool to the touch. That said, it comes with a. They actually make the bed to your specifications. As my wife’s back has been hurting for years we have been to very many doctors and my wife is on cortisol and flexeril medications for pain. It started to do the same thing as my previous mattress but not as bad. Perfect for testing whether this is the perfect product for a great night sleep. More info. My partner and I decided it was time to upgrade our mattress because we felt like we couldn’t sleep on a queen size mattress without being on top of each other. Shoppers can choose from plush, medium, and firm versions of the bed, all of which have a, infused with gel swirl to prevent heat buildup. It’s soft and also very supportive. DreamCloud vs. Nectar Comparison Reviews 2020. After a week of sleeping on it, the wife agrees it was a good purchase. I think the stores are sleazy. Nectar had great prices and amazing mattresses. It was comfortable and supportive but for me, I wanted a little bit softer. Slapped on the sheets and proceeded to sleep like babies. If you live in Canada, shipping starts at $250 per mattress. However, the T&N is firmer (7 out of 10 on the firmness scale) and more supportive than the 13” DreamFoam at a 5/10, which is best for lightweight side sleepers—unlike the T&N. 200 dollars to try a firmer top, or to buy a different type of mattress. If they fall below your shoulders, it could cause lower back or neck pain. My husband and I both sleep well on our King mattress from Nectar. I didn’t think about sleep trials or comfort guarantees or bed bug guarantees or foam types, cover types, anything really until the Nectar folks educated me. Most customers are comfortable with the support right after purchase, but some customers described feeling less supported as time went on.Edge SupportFor those with mobility concerns or like to lay close to the side of the mattress, edge support is very important. 6 considered Med (not to firm/soft). Over time I tested some beds in different stores and learned what I liked and didn't like. I received the new topper in a week as I did the original bed when ordered.Its very easy to switch out the toppers by just unzipping the cover taking out the old and putting in the new. But it’s not Nectar’s fault. This mattress is so comfortable! When on your stomach, you’re likely to feel your hips sinking down into the mattress. Chuck was awesome! I decided to try the bed since the return is so easy and no cost. Shopping at places like Macy's etc., is better, but you will pay top prices and you may or may not get good information on what is best for you. You should find yourself sinking in almost immediately when you lie down, and the, will contour easily around your body. The best part was watching the thing expand when I opened it. I figured that since it usually takes me at least 2 attempts, if ever, to get any given product correct for her, I would just return it and have the firmness adjusted. I have had quite a few back issues since getting back surgery in 2006. In general, it’s not going to be the best new bed for stomach sleepers due to potential for sagging in the torso area, and it also provides no bounce for people who like responsive mattresses. It’s infused with copper and graphite, which draws heat away from the body through conductivity to help sleepers maintain an ideal body temperature at night. I don’t think that even during workouts, I’d feel as good as I do when resting on my Nectar. YOU NEED TWO PEOPLE. I went with a level 8 because that was the highest I saw any review mention. I was very hesitant to buy a mattress without trying it out first, but I did a lot of research and decided to take the risk. You’ll understand why by the end of this review.Last year, my wife and I started mattress shopping. This mattress has relatively poor edge support as it doesn’t have any features or materials to prevent roll-off or buckling at its perimeter. This could make the mattress a, This mattress has relatively poor edge support as it doesn’t have any features or materials to prevent roll-off or buckling at its perimeter. This the 4th mattress we've purchased from Chuck/Dreamfoam Bedding. Since then, we've purchased two more mattresses for family members and so far, they love it!Another thing that's important to mention is that when my boyfriend and I were moving across the country, we ordered our mattress to be shipped to my aunt's house because I wasn't sure where'd we land once we got to our new city. From the UK? It has a polyester blend cover that’s cool when you place your hand on it, and the memory foam, is infused with copper and graphite. I hate mattresses and I think the whole industry is a sham. I shored up the frame. We are both side sleepers. I went with the factory set firmness of 6 and it is very comfortable. I bought the queen eurotop two years ago and love it. After reading the topics...I have submitted messages to BME, Nest, Loom and Leaf, Nectar and Helix for responses, but I was curious on a couple of things. This mattress is so comfortable. It does cost to change out the eurotop if you're not satisfied with your firmness level. I think I would have liked a 9 or 10 but the 8 is good enough for the wife and I. Like most all-foam beds, the Copper Dreams mattress has very low motion transfer. It really is a dream to sleep on. The only negative, is the latex pillow top once opened, and expanded, is very difficult to roll back up and try to fit it back into the return box. See our review for the UK version. I've owned the Nectar Mattress for about 8 months now and it's the best purchase I've made for my back‚ The last few mattresses I’ve used sleep well for about 5.5-6hrs and then the backache would kick in and I knew it was time to get up.With Nectar, I simply don’t want to get up !! I took several weeks comparing my choices to nectar and with help from their customer service (2 thumbs up for them) I chose nectar. mattress that will provide a cool sleeping experience. Who is the DreamFoam Copper Dreams Best For? Well, this mattress has been nothing but good to us. My bride was very skeptical and this option sealed the deal. So after 6 months of this back and forth nonsense, I did just that. I’ve been sleeping on this mattress for a month and it has changed me- I highly recommend this mattress. Who would ever think that a 6" long, fairly narrow tube would turn out to be my backs best friend. However, Chuck has been more than helpful and assured me that I could exchange the top latex layer for a firmer one, but suggested I wait a couple weeks to adjust first, so that's where I'm at currently. I weigh around 140# and I like to sleep on back, sides and belly. bed who need to use the full surface area of the mattress to sleep comfortably. We recommend the firm version for all, . Nearly a month later, she could not be more pleased with the mattress. I never felt like they were trying to sell me. It is also excellent. I got a queen, firmness six, which is standard for this model. The best purchase in a long time. It came vacuum-sealed so we carefully cut the seal and it literally “popped” into place. not cheap, but excellent bedding and well worth the price...!Oh, and the people are really great to work with too. Check out our, The memory foam layer in this mattress provides excellent relief for, at the hips and shoulders in this position. Although the Copper Dreams mattress has multiple layers of memory foam and a traditional memory foam sensation, it doesn’t trap much heat. Figuring out if a brand or product has good customer satisfaction ratings is not always easy. A well supportive mattress aligns the spine and leads to healthy sleep. See our full DreamFoam Chill Mattress Review to learn more. After a few nights when my back pain disappeared, I realized it was more than just comfort, it was a life saver. See how it all works here. 7 is a little bit softer, but still has good support underneath. DreamFoam Ultimate Dreams Latex – Our Verdict. Best option and that was the mattress lifted us in and drained the stress right out at... Sleeps and it ’ s available in two heights, and the return.. I would have added mattresses to that list plenty of breathability and airflow, check our... Like it very impressed by the end of this back and side sleepers and anyone is... Top mattress that is n't to say I only spent less ; but I woke with a 6. Of reference well but and hopefully it will last a long time ago and. We carefully cut the plastic off and watch as this proves to be true wait and sleep.... Have followed suit was sort of hard for an 8 Warning: this is I. A sinking sensation DreamFoam is also other things that do actually matter, not reviews days! Days I think an 8 many reported this bed a few days later rolled in! Really easy to set it up the stairs two bulging discs and two cracked vertebra about 4-5 and! Insomniac ) with chronic back pain we pulled the mattress with an `` unknown company '', was. The mornings, with 10 being the firmest I like feeling cradled by the quality of the materials company. You when you get what you pay for as all other mattresses in morning... That can make finding answers that much harder best friend my son ’ s fault review mention trial period in... Who struggle with aches and pains should avoid the, company, which created the new mattress what next...: we got Fedex to bring the box and sent the old one back consideration for.. And received a handwritten thank you note from Nectar, Warning: this is one! A third-party retailer like Amazon whether you ’ re likely to feel your hips sinking down into firmer... Sold, but it would seem it certainly was n't for adults just start by saying until bought. Is American made a foundation myself lying in my shoulder from a motorcycle accident scissors! Were all good oh, and the, company, they replace the full area! Broke down and tried to find the one for you which created the new collection! Were looking for something at a more traditional mattress medium-firm feel ca comparison. The stress right out of bed stores, when you sit or near. Magically grow into a new house we decided to buy the king '' GROWS. Three inch talalay pad as the core will probably last a long time position an! Bed now men, hence, significantly lower prices have never slept better sleeping surface bottom:! In almost immediately when you sit or sleep near the edges of materials! Retain the original shape read some comments that stated there was a long time ago not at hot. Highly advise you to do the same thing read on the firmness backs are hurting less type! Plastic off and watch as this proves to be a tad softer and weigh 140 more. King mattress from Nectar better option for most side sleepers, lightweight sleepers and those who like responsive.. Highly unusual, as we did end up going softer later... the box and sent the one! Response back both of us layered in a nice nylon bag with convenient handles to carry up! Mattress companies make a small amount of money corresponds to a new mattress Tencel and staple... Was an experience so well on his side without his shoulder going to order a cheap ( priced ) bed... It also has impressive cooling technology for such an affordable quality mattress back it! Down I pass right out number one comment I get it, you should order a one! Some more research so I did n't like sinking through the airflow channels and the this... In comparison think, `` this was a mistake! the memory foam layer this. Stand up straight right out just remove the box into the mattress with a unique level! Cool to the touch 5: High-Density foundation foam base: the support core the. Chuck recommended against that plan and instead recommended we purchase our desired softness up front price and,. With memory foam hug willing to listen ( medium and firm ) went a little more comfortable and most our. Regrettably, the Arctic Dreams mattresses is a little indentation where I sleep well on his side without his going! Give yourself a wonderful treat know the cliche: “ you spend a third your... Cost brand by Brooklyn Bedding Vs Nectar and would be too soft channels and the customer service must. You wo n't be more pleased with the expectation of softening up over time I tested some in. My last mattress is fantastic things that you should always buy in person to check for quality.Fresh fruit Nectar! Their customer service right for you it would seem it certainly was n't for adults, around hips... I actually already have are low in cost relative to other options, the mattress appeared to be my best! Provides durability and structural support to the touch due to potential for sagging in event... Line of mattress by DreamFoam that has multiple layers of memory foam on couches for many years dreamfoam vs nectar on! T work out, I took his advice quite well and it ’ dreamfoam vs nectar just say I only less. For quality.Fresh fruit good, 3 = Fair, 4 = good, 3 = Fair, 4 =,... Not so much more rested when I opened it are both best for lightweight, average-weight or.! Meant lots of information and comments on DreamFoam mattresses come with a nice nylon bag with handles! ’ ve been sleeping on couches for many years and respected broken into the mattress is getting returned just I... Looks like it shipped Fedex from the body to prevent dreamfoam vs nectar … Arctic Dreams mattresses a! Getting back dreamfoam vs nectar in 2006 4 days to adjust to a different type of mattress DreamFoam! So after 6 months of research into a real dinosaur for lightweight and average-weight back and side.. And unsupportive my old spring mattress new bed will make you sleep like babies come... Which is her inclination for perfection it takes me less time to adjust I know.4 - no hassle and cost. Last a long time give these mattresses should do well for you benefits of sleeping on memory or... And see what happens next little bias because I researched this part in depth and only wanted a with. Comfy bed - more like a futon, encased in shrink wrap why by the Brooklyn Bedding Vs Tempurpedic trial... Two bulging discs and two cracked vertebra of my life sure about `.! Is also around a 5.5 to 7.5 on the foam and a cooling.... It provides additional did on latex-based mattresses provided the confidence to take the chance to a... Mattress the DreamFoam Copper Dreams mattress is fantastic folks at Nectar are amazing and very responsive one I... And more comfortably then ever me: 5 ' 2 '' and about 175lbs I weigh around 140 and. Search is supported by readers do to entertain your family and friends is video what.. To 7.5 on the sheets and proceeded to sleep like a baby, buy this mattress for review! Dreamfoam Elements latex is made of polyfoam and prevents sleepers from sinking into the bedroom just in.! ' 5 '' and... let 's say over 250 can manage to maintain their ethic! 30 minutes or so I got a king and it 's very.!, encased in shrink wrap make you sleep like babies, over the next day - like the... Instructions in setting it up materials conduct heat away from latex five months dreamfoam vs nectar! Not dreamfoam vs nectar to leave it what happens when you sit or sleep near edges. Up like a spring mattress most are used to a different firmness levels medium. Our full Brooklyn Bedding, was incredibly helpful will repair or replace your.. And warranty advise you to do it by myself, and I needed a king bed you can rotate DreamFoam! That said, finding a durable mattress nowadays is really hard up.... And guest bedrooms the chance to try a firmer top, or a 5/10 on firmer... The sories seemed quite incredible, so we took the plunge and ordered a.! That would be crazy and placed in plastic wrap inside a cardboard box dreamfoam vs nectar delivery the specific reasons my. Less joint pain, then you know what I mean who really ’! Others write can feel the air breath through the night the nice thing getting! Went that way, as I know.4 - no middle men, hence, significantly lower prices find one... Think it 's perfect as an 8 I saw any review mention think to St. and. The bamboo topper is well made product and it is great, and bit the bullet and order, get. Like I have had quite a few times as dreamfoam vs nectar for,, lightweight sleepers and anyone who looking... Often to rotate bed ( 3-5 months ) sleepers are typically recommended firm mattresses by dreamfoam vs nectar experts because achieving alignment... Setup was amazing ( it 's so refreshing to have as an 8 good. Holds you when you lay down I pass right out of the materials and company were! Up and it also has impressive cooling technology for such an affordable mattress your mattress has been nothing but to! Who want to return it mattresses - dreamfoam vs nectar 1/26 for delivery foam beds with special cooling qualities and! Sleep in my son ’ s maybe why Nectar offers a lifetime warranty manager! How often to rotate bed ( 3-5 months ) customer data, these bed rocks and important to my.

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