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My name is Simon Bouloussaa and I am the founder of the company. At our company, I personally design all our Cargobikes and Bakfiets. Sustainability, Quality, and our competent team in Södermalm, Stockholm, takes care of the assembly. We are particularly proud of our new Bakfiets frames, which weigh only 5,6 kg – an impressive achievement.

Sustainability and quality are of utmost importance to us. We carefully select components from responsible suppliers to ensure the highest quality and recyclability.

Our philosophy at Cykelfabriken Sverige is driven by innovation and quality. Since 2009, as the first Swedish cargo bike brand, we have successfully sold our own-designed Bakfiets and cargobikes.

As the founder and head of design and development, you can expect a unique and reliable service from us. We are proud to be Sweden’s leading Cargobike brand offering custom-designed frames and models. Welcome to Cykelfabriken, where sustainability and quality go hand in hand.

You can either call us directly for personalized service or contact us online. We look forward to assisting you with your next Bakfiets or cargobike!

Simon Bouloussaa • Founder, engineer and cycling enthusiast


View of cycling in Sweden

Bakfiets and Cargobikes

Since our inception in 2009, Cykelfabriken has been a pioneer in changing the perception of cycling in Sweden, particularly when it comes to cargobiking. We were the first in the country to offer sales of custom-designed and produced cargo bikes and Bakfiets, and the demand is now increasing across the entire country.

We take pride in being the country’s leading experts in cargobikes. Simon, the founder of Cykelfabriken and the initiator of the Facebook group “Cykla med lastcykel” as well as the events Stockholm Cykelkarneval and Lastcykelmässan, says:

“Our cargobikes are designed, built, and tailored for cyclists in Sweden. When I design, functionality and safety are my top priorities, and it’s also important that the bike can be customized for individuals, families, businesses, and organizations. Our cargo bikes are about so much more than just getting from point A to point B – they are designed and constructed for optimal riding pleasure. Our cargo bikes are designed in Sweden and built for the wider world!”

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Simon with Child CargoBikeIn 2009, I was certain that I was the only one in Stockholm, and probably in Sweden, riding a Bakfiets with my children

Our History of Innovation and Quality

Our History of Innovation and Quality

We take pride in being pioneers within Bakfiets in Sweden. As early as 2009, we took the lead and introduced the Bakfiets into the Swedish Market. Since 2011, we have not only had the privilege of selling these fantastic bicycles, but we have also taken a step further by developing and producing our very own Bakfiets models.

All our Bakfiets bicycles are more than just products to us – they are works of art crafted with skill and innovation. Each model is a result of our own precision-crafted CAD drawings, where we meticulously plan and optimize every detail. Our unique design solutions blend form and function in a way that not only enhances the cycling experience but also makes your everyday life simpler and more enjoyable.

When we talk about Bakfiets, we’re talking about a passion for perfection. Every bend, every weld, and every element of the frame geometry is carefully considered to provide exceptional performance, durability, and comfort. Our Bakfiets bikes are more than just bicycles – they are the result of our dedicated work and our endless pursuit of quality.

We are Cykelfabriken.

Our journey started with a simple goal: to provide the best bicycles for families while leading in innovative design and excellent quality. Over the years, we’ve followed our passion, and today, we take pride in being known as “Cykelfabriken” – The Bicycle Factory. Our name is synonymous with reliability, expertise, and a passion for cycling that transcends traditional boundaries.

When you choose a Bakfiets from us, you’re choosing more than just a bicycle. You’re choosing our commitment to perfection and our longstanding history of innovation and quality. Every pedal stroke is a reminder of our endeavor to make your cycling experience as unique and wonderful as possible.

Together, we create memories, explore new places, and enjoy a stress-free everyday. Welcome to our world of Bakfiets, where the passion for cycling meets future innovation.