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Born in Stockholm

Are you looking for a stress-free and energy-efficient way to navigate through your daily routine? Do you need a reliable partner to simplify your daily life? Then you’ve made the right choice with Bakfiets Long, also known as a 2-wheel Cargobike. With plenty of space and sufficient range, this Bakfiets are designed to meet your needs.

Crafted with a sturdy box made of eco-friendly marine plywood and a frame of heat-treated aluminum T606, it becomes your dependable companion for easy trips to preschool, relaxing city tours, enjoyable park strolls, and adventures in the woods, regardless of the season Furthermore, the frame has a weight of only 5,6 kg, which contributes to a smooth and easy biking experience

Dimensions: L 2600 x W 70 x H 120 cm.

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A lightweight and versatile Cargobike for the whole family.

Our ultralight Bakfiets, with a frame weight of just 5.6 kg, is the perfect companion for the whole family. The spacious box with safety belts can accommodate up to two children and grocery bags. You can easily customize it for dogs or other cargo as needed.
A practical and stylish solution for your errands and adventures. Explore our selection of options today. View all Accessories for increased comfort.

Lättviktig och Mångsidig Lådcykel
Regnskydd till Bakfiets lång Bafang

Rain Cover for Bakfiets: Protection in All Weather

Our Bakfiets offers an effective rain cover that protects against cold, rain, wind, and snow. Furthermore, the rain cover protects the rider’s arms, hands, and part of the knees from weather and precipitation. Enjoy comfort and protection regardless of weather conditions.
The rain cover is also designed to serve as sun protection.

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Only premium components are used

Dyna till Bakfiets lång Bafang

Cushion for Bakfiets Long: Sit Soft and Comfortable

Enhance your journey with extra comfort using our custom-made bench cushion for Bakfiets Long.
This cushion makes the seating cozy and soft, perfect for all your passengers. Whether it’s short errands or longer adventures, our cushion will ensure that your children sit comfortably during the journey. Enhance your Bakfiets Long experience even further with added softness and comfort for the whole family…

Ponny: Extra longt Rear Carrier with groundbreaking design:

Bakfiets Long takes the cycling world to new lengths with our innovative longtail model With our “Ponny, Extra long Rear carrier”

With Ponny, you get the opportunity to transport more children, heavy and larger loads, and plenty of luggage It is a new and exciting solution on the market, and we at Cykelfabriken are proud to be the first to offer this to our bikes and Bakfietsar. Discover the future of transportation possibilities with Bakfiets Long.

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Extra lång Pakethållare till Bakfiets Lång Bafang

We are proud to be the country’s foremost experts on Cargobikes.

Since our inception in 2009, Cykelfabriken has been a pioneer in changing the perception of cycling in Sweden, especially when it comes to bikes for children/cargo bikes
We were the first in the country to offer sales of custom-designed and produced Cargobikes and Bakfiets, and the demand is now increasing across the entire country

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Cover for extra comfort: Protect the box in all weather.

For extra comfort and protection, we offer an optional box cover. Perfect for keeping the box dry during your ride or when the Bakfiets is parked. The clever cover can be rolled forward, providing a comfortable and dry space for the children while maintaining their view.

Överdga för Bakfiets lång Bafang

Pyjamas: Protect your Bakfiets in all weather.

Safety and protection in one! Our Bakfiets pyjamas protects your bike from weather and theft with reflective details for added visibility.

Pyjamas till Bakfiets lång Bafang
Bakfiets lång Bafang Bafang motor

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Specifications for Bakfiets Long

Bafang M410 250W/h



of Torque

50-100 km



2-hour charging

Bafang M410

Lightweight, powerful, practical, and useful

Bafang M410 is the result of several years of development and Bafang’s extensive experience in electric motors. The motor is both powerful and well-constructed, providing a fantastic and natural power transfer precisely when the rider needs it.

With a power output of 250 watts and a torque of 80 Newton-meters, the M410 is one of the best electric motors on the market and an excellent choice for Cargobikes. Improved seals reduce resistance and provide smooth and efficient rolling. Together with Envolio gears, M410 provides excellent shifting performance and requires low maintenance over a long period of time.

80 Nm of torque. Motor assistance up to 25 km/h in accordance with EU law.

Measure L 260 x W 70 x H 120 cm
Material Aluminum T606
Total weight ≈ 35 kg
Max Load 150 kg (Exclusive cyclist)
Engine Bafang M410 36V 250W
Engine power Max (80 Nm Torque)
Batteri Standard 14A/ 504W/h
Range 500 Wh: 50 -100 km
Display Bafang DP C220
Rear hub, Gears Enviolo Heavy Duty 36H
Gear shifter Enviolo stepless
Drivetrain Rim drive with 120T
Rear drive Rim 22T
Front drive Rim 46T
Breaks Hydraulic disc brakes
Brakes Brand Hydrauliska Bengal
Pedals FP-965A, Non-slip
Lights E-Bike with 50 Lux
Color Turquoise
Saddle Selle Royal Free. Plus
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