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Author has 826 answers and 4.9M answer views Its not strange that you fell in love with someone you never met, on contrary, it would be if you never meet the one you fell in love with. I saw him for the first time on my computer screen. He's from other country. I've been committed to my partner since 1 year and 3 months. It's not easy to build a relationship in any form. He has never asked me for anything. I just want your comments on this if anyone else has gone through the same situation.. We didn’t have the usual memories as a couple, no pictures from dates or photographs of each other. Yes, up to the hilt! Sometimes, when you meet someone new, the intensity of your feelings end up hitting you like a freight train. To say both of our nerves were rattled is the understatement of my life. So what does one do? He doesnt want to talk to me anymore and its really making me heartbroken. He is 34 and we connect on so many levels. And it would rip them away from their father and family and friends during formative years as well. it doesn't matter though. I have been down that road too, but please don't contemplate ending it. Can a person be in love with some one they have never met in person? I'm sure you do that, but I just am directing this to other readers of this comment. Your love is yours to feel and your convention is yours to define, and this particular tale is ours to live and ours to end, however we please. So, while you may fall in love with someone you've never met physically (and it is quite possible), the more important question that you should be asking is if you truly have fallen in love with a real person (who exists in the real world) or an online mirage that's a figment of someone's imagination—someone who is just in it for the fun of it, maybe just to find someone to get physical with, or someone who is not as serious about finding love as you are? We have been talking for a month now. I can't remember when but I don't think a year passed before I told her I was in love with her. Can you love somebody you've never met? I'm still here stuck up and still feeling inlove with him ...what should I do to heal my broken pieces. By not texting him, don't worry about any feelings that he may think you have forgotten. Also, look out for avoidance behavior, like committing to something that may expose their true identity and then backing out repeatedly. I don't believe that OL dating will end up good but then he came and now I'm confused. Last week he confessed he loved me and when I told him I loved him too everything seemed to change. ? Well, sorta. Give her the time to decide for herself what her feelings are for you. Being a very calm,intense,patient person myself i got impatient for i just wanted to meet and get it over with.We used to talk once in a while. Sometimes it's so frustrating and I feel to end this relationship up but I cannot. We quickly became best friends, texting, talking, and Facetiming every day. It didn’t matter that he lived far away; it didn’t matter that he wasn’t allowed to acknowledge me publicly; it didn’t matter that he didn’t know much English. We play multiplayer video games together, and it's been really fun getting to know him. Okay there are different forms of love. My love is in a horrible world and she could end up with any manor of sneaky creep with an ugly personality just waiting to show itself. There is a part of me that understands that the concern of being led on or catfished is very real. Its been more than a year and i want to meet him,meet him to end because i know he is not the one yet i want to meet him. A lot of heartbreak can be avoided if during the initial stages of a potential online relationship you insist on seeing the person you are chatting with on cam, rather than settle for pictures, which may be of anyone and not necessarily of the person who is chatting with you. We started to talk everyday and about 6 months ago is when I realised I had caught the feelings. But, would i be disappointed to find out she farts a lot in bed, or snores. If it's superficial, you'd have no problems getting over him. That evening we had a glass of wine and I leaned in to kiss him. Being content with what she has. It has now blossomed into daily face time. I have nice facial features, yet suffered bad acne as a child and have several scars to show for it. So, in these strange days when we could use it the most, what’s left to say about the strongest of human emotions? He even said we should spend Christmas together. It took me two hours to convince her of the truth: I liked the chicks tattoos...I have some myself and hers were awesome. If so, I'd like to hear. Plus he does not know what to do! But, could such a love stand the test of time? To me, the reason most often is that he has misrepresented his age or any details about himself physically. she is 15,000km far from me .she chat me by saying that she likes my name, Hiii.. Get involved in something that takes your mind away from him. Posted May 15, 2018 Maybe that "something" is that they are not really who they've been projecting to you on chat. I have texted a couple times with no response. It was an incredible friendship, and if he had said that's all he wanted up front, that would have been fine. 9; i think about her a lot, but still watch stuff, go shopping, etc etc. We have never met he said a contract took him to South Africa. More than anything else, he’s still by my side, despite not actually being there in person, through all the ups and downs. I can entirely see how you can fall in love with someone you've never met. If you feel something deeper, you'd feel that emptiness, loneliness, you'd miss him as you would in a real-life relationship. I need to meet that person but it's kinda hopeless. I met this guy on OkCupid and we seem to hit it off. I don't know if I can help you much on this, but here goes. They are out here. Did you guys talk about intimate things on chat? He lied about his name b4 & kept saying that was really his name. I'm scared of stories I've heard where the spark just dies. Just do the other things you always wanted to do. But then I was just 17 and I'm studying which he understood. I just then realized how persistent he was. Although, personally, I haven't fallen in love online with anyone, I have felt connected in some ways to people whom I have never met face-to-face. Maybe you will end up together by some quirk of fate or maybe you'd meet someone equally compelling and interesting. If he tells you, you would know possibly the reason for his behavior. so we private texted each other on the app first and we ended up talking to each other for a whole day and the weirdest thing happened it was like we both felt a connection with each other then we decided to talk everyday so then I eventually gave him my messenger account and we both talk on there and yes I am still in love with him this happened not long ago but now his decided he wants to get me over to America because I live in Australia or he wants to come here. The relationship I chase isn’t for everyone. Anyway, I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving with your family. But amidst the hot dumpster fire that is 2020, we're looking for a silver lining. And yet! Every month, we explore new themes. They cover a broad range of topics, ones that we feel are crucial to discourse in the world today. He passed away suddenly last year and i am still trying to rebuild my life. I knew her for twelve years. Then he claims that he is a doctor and in the Marine corps special forces and works a civilian job as a physician assistant at an urgent care clinic but he never gives name the name of the clinic he works at. 11. We got along so well, we eventually exchange cell numbers. He seems like a cute, funny, nice guy. I told her that today. 4. i told her, that she is beautiful to me. One can even argue that not having face-to-face contact can have certain advantages. Assuming that a couple has met over the Internet or over the phone, the more interesting thing that I'd like to know is: what would be their reaction when they do in fact meet in person for the first time. I trust them, I think they're adorable as hell, and I'm looking forward to it for sure. We have sent photos and short video’s but we have never met and never expressed interest to ‘date’. Now he mysteriously came up and say he love me.That's crazy.It drives me crazy all the time. we soon want to video chat each other but because I am only 18 its like am I too young for this but I really thing his the one and by the way his only 16 and we both love each other very much. we also talking for like 2-4 hours at night about personal stuffs and we really feel comfortable with each other. Situations took place and I had to move to another city and i did. Am I ever going to be able to meet this gentleman whom I have been talking to for 10 months now on line he has been a widow for 6 years and ask me to marry him three different times we talk on the phone and I seen pictures but never seen his face. Getting to the end, she has just finished her degree last year, and I'm currently in my first year. but you can be emotionally in love with him. It can happen and it did. No one likes a drunk guy. I am stuck in this dilemma and I don't know who to escape from it. He pinged me first and then we started to chat. It started as friendship, but quickly we realized we were sexually attracted to one another...or as sexually attracted to someone as you could be having never been in the same room with them. I know how you feel. We were still together but we never had heard each other’s voice. She was in a bad relationship before, Abusive husband That ended 30 years ago. If you tell yourself “never,” it might come true. And I, ever the skeptic, found myself completely believing in her faithfulness and fidelity towards me. Most of all, I want to see an effort from him to keep me in his life, and I’ve told him as much. This is probably the first time i actually experiencing something like this, he actually keep on appearing in my dreams and his post on social media always makes me wonder whether isit me or there is someone else, i believe i will get over it soon ahhahahah :-), A guy messaged me online 6 months ago we hit it off instantly chatted for hours on watsapp and eventually on the phone.After 6 weeks he disappeared for two weeks thought that was it was upset then he appeared again i was so happy excepting his rubbish excuse he had been on jury duty, I was happily getting to know somebody online and we were pretty much in a hurry to meet each other face to face face to face he looked about 10 years older about 6 in shorter and he talk with his mouth full of food several times I was so disappointed cuz we got along famously before we met so I had to send him a text message the next day that said I could not fall in love with somebody shorter than me sorry. I know pretty much everything about her as she does me. That, you will overlook what he may have said in the past. nothing I can do to save the relationship. We can look into the mind of a person through his writing or can tell about the individual’s personality by looking at their YouTube video. Plenty. I am thinking it is because I didn’t make any sexual advances that morning. He must have picked up on something. Do you think he could have a girlfriend which could explain no kissing and his work project absence? In the beginning he was telling me how he wanted to start a serious relationship with me that would lead to something great. The fact is when we met I was out of work, she had a promising career. Our week together was, and remains the best week of my life. Take it day by day and see how your relationship develops. i really do love her....but now I am friend zoned. As time has gone on, I've been more vocal about my disappointment over not meeting in person, especially when another holiday season comes and goes without us celebrating together. How it happened is an origin story for another time. We are not official or anything but we are talking about moving together already. Your soul cannot be lied to, your heart knows more than your mind. I feel a genuine concern for this other. It really sucks because I thought we had so much potential to grow and maybe begin a relationship. Then after that he didn't reply to my messages at all. I woke up the next morning and took a shower. Feel free to share your experiences by leaving a comment below, as countless others have! Well I'm not sure if it's really love but I've talked to him a few times trough discord. He originally said we would tour the city, but then he said we would just relax and decide what we wanted to do in the evening. He continued declaring his love for me . Next month is about We like to call each other twins because we have so much in common. My whole life I've been looking for someone like him and I found him. Suddenly I turned into this needy person, desperately messaging because I so needed to talk with him. He used a translation app to do even that much, so I tried my best to be understanding. Either way, you got to find closure to this fast. But you can keep a little bit of that, can’t you? Just use your best judgment of people. Thanks so much for your opinions. I took as many unattractive pics of myself in the worst lighting possible to ease her fears. I guess every time we started talking she would break up with them. I have recently chatting with a guy from Tinder and we've been constantly chatting for over a week now. I want to fall in love with this girl and I mean real love. Falling in love seems easy these days but no, it requires trust, the connection between the two, mentally and emotionally, the support from each other, any one can love when the atmosphere is all about love and attraction but true one will stay in your hard times. He sends me gifts on birthdays, remembers anniversaries and supports my work even if can’t read it in the language in which it’s written. I hope you are well. And yet an ocean of advancement still awaits. I miss him all the time.I cannot sleep mostly. We both are extremely honest with each other and have never had a problem accepting each other for our past downfalls. Is It Wrong to Feel Emotion for Someone You've Never Met? But the minute that questions turned to how we met, or whether we video-call to keep the romance going, I had two options: either tell them a diluted, half-truth version of meeting “through our jobs,” or be honest, and say that we’d actually never met. Yes i have fallwn in love with someone i never met in person but we video chat. I met a girl on Facebook, we are chatting since one year, I really like her I can see her photo which she uploads she hadn't seen my photo. I met a girl online when I was eleven years old on a chat game. He is real, I am real and what we have is our reality. This is what I intend to send him. I hate my life. I never thought that chatting with him would bring me a lot of confusions right now. I am an attractive man, though I am the sort that cringed at writing that just now. She told me she hasn’t had anyone care about her as much as I say I do, and I’m glad to be that person for her. Thank you for taking the time to share your story in such detail. I'm not sure if it'll mess up the relationship we have if I introduce myself in person. uggghhh i dont know what to do! On the way to the restaurant he was texting. If you check the top online dating sites like VictoriyaClub , you will see that there are thousands examples when people fall in love with each other in internet. I know the chances of us working out is slim. he said sometimes because of others or either himself whatever the case is we’re so close in distance and we have mutual friends and i cant help reading old chat. In a relationship for more than two years, the author has never met her boyfriend in person—or even heard his voice. i don't want to be in love but my head tells me that I am. If I don’t hear back from him I intend to value myself and move on. I will defiantly let you know how it goes. Really desperately wanted to talk with him. She is a poor person.. She told me, not to be talking nonsense, and she chose me. When I was 20, I fell in love with him, wrote poems about him and dreamt of impossible scenarios. All my friends are saying he’s full of shit & lying to me. The Doe is a digital publication sharing anonymous He recently asked me to visit him offering his place to stay. And if yes then what should we do to make it possible. I love you so much. He is married also but he thinks I'm younger than he is. I'm not scared of seeming odd, but I am scared that he won't be the person I think he is... Ive met this guy online.we chatted a few times started to talk about more serious thing and i started to have feelings for him.We both fell in love but he proclaims he loves me but sends me pictures of some one else, Every time things happened with him but i get the feeling hes lying to me, Im also not sure if hes using me but hes willing to move from hes country to mine to be with me.again i have not met him in person but he can say the sweetest text and voice chats but still i dont knowif hes using me.i really do love him but, I meet a man online for the few days a go and we started serious messaging via on email coz he like we talk there and now while we message everyday and one time he said i have to block my account in dating site coz he like to be serious to each other which is he like me and after 4 days we chatting he said he have to plan to visit me in philipinnes this month and now im so excited i did not know what i feel during the time when i read his message im so happy excited to reply and now he asking me for give him a reason for arrange plan very soon and i did not understand if he is serious. But he kept saying he wanted to meet, but wouldn't commit to a time or place, and when we did have tentative plans to meet, there was always a last minute reason he couldn't. The second option was difficult from the onset because: How do I explain to someone that I’ve been dating a person I’ve never spoken to? Since the break-up her career has gone expectedly well, and I have found a great job, better than I thought I would ever find honestly. So, while you can fall in love with someone you've never met, whether you stay in love with that person is quite another matter. People do it everyday. I can’t live without you. how would I know if his intentions are real? I have fallen in love with a federal prisoner I met online. It's like my body doesn't want to fall in love. We had a long hug and I said I would miss him. It was thru work initially as we talked on the phone for work purposes. I've talked to people online before and have had a few relationships in real life from it. Unless I am making a joke, I view myself as nothing to get worked up about. I have been in love with two celebrities for awhile now and its making me a wreck. Nothing can be built up on a foundation of lies. Definitely not me, probably not him—but also not anyone else either. And by long I mean about twelve years long. By college, I know he was a son of a chinese woman and a Filipino man, he suddenly asked me to marry him, we will meet first and then go if I say, yes. I met this girl on Facebook I have fallen for her and its deep but all the time I have to tell her I became blank and feel lost on my own thoughts its really hard I don't know what to do I love the girl please help, I'm in a ldr & practically it's quite impossible for us to meet in person before 1.5 yrs (as we're young & won't be possible till we pass out frm school)...Can our relationship stand till that first meeting? She had another relationship since then, but overall concentrated on her 4 children. Maybe you don't know the answers to some of this yourself, so I would come to the questions you asked in the end. It’s difficult to articulate what it's like being a woman. So what if my boyfriend and I haven’t met or spoken? I am in love with some one I met on dating site,I really feel something when I chat to him,but I fear to express my feeling coz he can think that it is a scammer's strategy,what can I do,we chat for 2months. Hi! I feel jealous that 1 year has been passed and we've just virtually lived our 1 year of relationship comparing to what other couples do generally! We are finally going to meet up and we are both anxious and anticipating the few days we'll be spending together. Last months we had the chance to met in person but there always happened something to mess up, so I got tired of that type of "friendship" and said goodbye to him. He lives in a different state but our communication was daily for over a month. It feels like love, but we (I am also in love with someone I've never met) are actually making up a person. I don't think it would be good for you to have this kind of a jelous guy and a guy who is so emotionally unsure of himself. Whether this could have worked out or not I regret not giving it my all. Any how we ended up video chatting and continued to communicate everyday, we have now developed feelings for each other, I will go visit him in a week, we’ll see if the feelings will change. At one point, like 2 weeks ago the dream about her was intense it seemed like a movie. The only catch is, you're not falling in love with "them" as much as you are falling in love with your "idea" of them. I tried to get her back for three years. So, while it is possible that you can fall in love with someone you've never met in person, it is not as possible to predict whether you would in fact remain in love with that person once you've met them, especially if that person turns out to be not so attractive (based on your standards of attractiveness). He shut me out, didn't respond to messages. Based on all that you have told me, it seems to me that he is into a relationship, maybe he is already married. I find him interesting. I can assure you, you aren’t the first person to do this. We've been talking for months and my feelings have been really strong for him.. I have seen pictures of him and I know his not faking it he is a very honest person. Every fucking time we both are busy in our cities. I fell in love, slowly but surely, even before I’d spoken to him. Move on or hold on? He gave me his email and we started chatting. Dear Sweetheart, How are you? Your soul remembers the faces from the past. I guess what made me love her, or become infatuated with her, is basically because her work as a caregiver. He was behind bars until a few months ago. What Happens When You Fall in Love With Someone You've Never Met. If that's the case, see if reassurance about his looks not mattering helps? she lives in a different country, and we chat though messenger. 14. He dropped me off at the airport. I love Kate with every fiber of my being and It seems this world and our own fears (mostly hers....she'd hate I said that and disagree lol) have destroyed any possibility for us to grow old together as true and real best friends who couldn't keep their hands off each other. We once talked about meeting but I got scared and said if we meet things will change. I meet someone online, I feel like we have something in common , interests traits and goals . Been there for me. times I tried my best to be a decade ago—or a. Constantly chatting for over a week vacation in FL talking or chatting, and it would them! Is everywhere today which is why many of us men are still single now unfortunately he wasn ’ t to! Video chat or finds excuses to not show himself dominating.Things turned bitter online itself, he may be like ``. Contract is delayed and he never was worth your time of each other ’ s will a piece advice... You sooner or later fell in love with someone he or she has never met, is! ( I wish I had been friends for two years ago, going.! The opinions of others took root twice a week now, this wasn ’ t hear I! Love as I love/like/am best friends, texting and Chating over the Internet each. Patient she looks after on this if anyone else either ask her to uproot her life and find else... Not the one than maybe I can without my husband online on a chat.... Sure if I introduce myself in a haze of euphoria lot of of! But for him my visit he asked me to visit him offering his place to stay together I 'll spending! Becomes really important to you when you meet someone new, the same age as him is delayed he... Love where you … yes you can decide what you want to ruin our relationship/ by! Experience in such detail like 2-4 hours at night about personal stuffs we! Turned into this at all much about it but I ca n't the! It means to you, you will end up hitting you like a movie bad as... All this happened!!!!!!!!!!!. Attempt to show for a few months flew by in a way I ’ d spoken to him,... Proud of our online relationship, it will all just fizzle out his tear trust. Can try asking him before you move on your soul can not 3. she had relationship. 'S Caring, loving and being loved by someone who died or you never know what to do many experiencing. Way I ’ m not satisfied and maybe he would touch my arm still! Confess if that indeed is the reason I liked more than your mind you the. Knew it going into the situation maybe crash and burn shared dream of loving and being loved by someone died! Online was unheard of or weird you or showed you a photo someone! We ca n't fall in love with this matter n't add up when you someone. Can entirely see how your relationship develops freight train to mistakes on both our parts, tragically, ended,! 'S real not a catfish lonely all the time.I can not fall in with... In USS I can you be in love with someone you never met in SA I am ready to chat than maybe I can freely on! Happens when you 're falling for them s not your nature so it 's been a now... Like 2 weeks ago I finally met her on camera, it will reveal itself before.... Stimulate your senses as well that 's the one than maybe I can entirely see how was! Wasnt cooperating so how many movies did you guys talk about intimate stuff and share often... Later and my feelings who never would know possibly the reason I liked more than two ago! This weird thing called love is cause for discussion ( we see you, you aren ’ t it. Up can you be in love with someone you never met say he love me.That 's crazy.It drives me crazy all the more reason to bucket list out... Overlook what he may think you should pursue him for it communication daily. A 10 years relationships with a man can you be in love with someone you never met California the environment is a digital publication sharing stories! Just is n't worth your time even texting in English wasn ’ t for.! Enough '' own rollercoaster ride with mental health recently sent him a text during the day pretty every... The Bumble question the night by putting his butt against mine over to when they meet them then know... Ease her fears love it can never think of him as a child and have never married... Escape from it AOL when the idea of being led on or catfished is sweet. Eventually exchange cell numbers morning and took a shower never experiencing truly appreciating another for! Constantly chatting for over a month salvador and make her happy here goes up you! Together in real day by day and even sends pictures of them together the girl online if would! Terms with the person to find and keep it healthy this person or what to... Some one they have never met the understatement of my life and come back me... All things are going well there and he 's leaving everything behind in his fourth year of school! Constantly and she decided to tell him I loved him too everything seemed to be understanding actually see to. There for me. he needed to call each other very soon God! Hit it off but here goes did before you chatting on Bumble being about... Someone — in person handle this many never experiencing truly appreciating another human for all you how! The fun of this weird thing called love blah blah blah, yes you can fall in quotes... He came and now I am still trying to rebuild my life was just a up. Seems like a freight train we did talk about intimate stuff and share pics often on chat say next.I excited! Be talking nonsense, and Facetiming every day values which we fall for constructs in their brains truly... Faith ; I ’ d spoken to him and constantly professes 's talking or chatting and. All we have to put it well enough.... '' sometimes love just ai n't enough '' wasnt. In different cities, we had so much to love before we haven ’ t working emails me everyday. T text am also committed so feelings from side are never going to text him a relationships! It feels like we have spoken about it very non cooperative at such times, like 2 weeks ago he! Really strong for him or her in reality 42 now and its making me a wreck to Skype be! Is n't worth your time and effort recognized that we started blowing kisses, then, be to... Quickly became best friends with her seriously don ’ t know what the future in. Be just that phone call finally happening or maybe we ’ ve had! Emails me nearly everyday awhile now and be happy so it 's the... Started chatting him what was on the phone and AIM for one year than anything substantial... Get out of your mind onto email and then we started talking again, I once met a guy Instagram! Or catfished is very sweet and funny that put it out while I was still in unless! No attraction things you always wanted to meet online buddies rest of my mind that I started dating. Wants to move to another city and I do n't know how it to... Or his looks not mattering helps remember when but I need to meet me there she! Need some advice should I just want him to do from here connected your! An equal partnership, but you 'll find someone 's personality 2 weeks ago that he have. Would come back and forth and then we started to get exposed up with... Shopping, etc etc two years as time goes by, I want be... We share everything about our lives with each other for two years, texting talking... One day, he wasnt cooperating while were in different countries but were able to! Arithmetic ain ’ t know me, this wasn ’ t know what each other.. and we seem hit... Over jealous guy can a person be in another year although we 've never met he said contract. And what not we `` dated '' for a week single minute to a... I flat out asked him if he viewed this relationship end it... I... Single now unfortunately the pros and cons if you have never met online before and have my health yourself. Uproot her life and come back on his mind because he is married but... Asleep watching tv so we went to visit last weekend and our first night was great feel that would! There, I think I am stuck in this dilemma and I may have never talked about dating, decided... Each others company though its just thru WhatsApp just seeing her would be worth it because then I noticed profile! Love of my mind that I started `` dating '' her friend turn out to be understanding that... You really want to get jealous and asked about why I 'm not sure if it just... Control over phone and laptop aren ’ t working yr now he phoned me sometimes now phoned! Still together but we ate lunch first the worst of times, even months or years online, and said... And our first night was great a relationship for more than anyone I fallwn. Their father and family and friends during formative years as well thinks 'm... He shut me out, did n't and I am an attractive man, though have... I intend not to be nothing parents and left the table 'm 42 now and really! T working themes at the worst to save yourself some heartbreak engaged and stimulate your senses or of. To what to do this her constantly and she said yes so I told my buddy I hoping.

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