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At Cykelfabriken, we craft exceptional electric cargo bikes to elevate your cycling experience to new heights. We take pride in being pioneers in high-quality electric cargo bikes, dedicated to enhancing your lifestyle by meeting your unique transportation needs. Whether you’re a daily commuter, fitness enthusiast, or love to explore, we have the perfect cargo bike for you

Every cargo bike we manufacture is a symbol of our commitment to make your journey smoother, quieter, and more efficient. Join us to embrace a greener and more sustainable future. At Cykelfabriken, we don’t just build bikes; we also shape a better and more enjoyable life, both in the city and the suburbs. Try a Cykelfabriken cargo bike once, and we are confident that you will embrace it forever. Your satisfaction is our mission, and we are here to make every cargo bike journey memorable

OMA Longtail – The Ultimate Multitasking Urban E-bike

Bafang Motor | 85 Nm Torque | Carbon Belt | up to 100 km Range | Samsung Battery | Hydraulic Brakes | Envoilo Gears

OMA Longtail is your reliable companion for a seamless and comfortable everyday life. With efficient cargo solutions and smart design, it’s crafted to facilitate your transports and make your daily life smoother.
Whether it’s daily commuting, quick errands, or family outings, OMA Longtail is ready to meet your needs with style and functionality. Explore a new level of comfort and reliability with OMA Longtail – your perfect companion on the road.

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Oma Longtail Cykel - Perfekt för Bekväma Resor


Price: 36,597 SEK instead 43 700 kr

Compact design, endless possibilities.

Bafang Motor | 85 Nm Torque | Carbon Belt | up to 100 km Range | Samsung Battery | Hydraulic Brakes | Envoilo Gears

OMA 26 takes you beyond the ordinary in everyday life, turning journeys from point A to B into adventures. The bike rides transform the routine into the extraordinary, and the city becomes a place to explore like never before. Go from overtime to having time with OMA 26 – more than a bike, a companion that transforms commuting into an enjoyable journey. Embrace the transition from the ordinary to a world where every moment on OMA 26 becomes an opportunity for exciting experiences..

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Oma Trans 1024


Price: 31900 SEK instead of 36 970 kr

Safety and Reliability in Every Pedal Stroke.

At Cykelfabriken, every bike is more than just a means of transport; it’s a trustworthy companion. We take pride in offering Bakfiets Long, a cargo bike that not only provides you with a reliable transportation solution but also a sense of security every time you pedal away. Choose Cykelfabriken’s Bakfiets Long for the ultimate cycling experience, where we take care of your children with the same care as you do..

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Bakfiets Lång Din ultimata lösning för stressfri vardag med Lådcykel


Price: 39 900 SEK instead of 49 000 kr

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