To ensure that YOUR BIKE functions well for a long time to come, it’s important that you take care of it properly.
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Below are some simple instructions on how you SHOULD take care of your bike.

− The care instructions is a prerequisite for our guarantee to apply.
− The care instructions are our guide, not an insurance to avoid problems.
− TGet your bike serviced at Cykelfabriken within a maximum of 3 months after purchase. Then, check the gears, brakes, etc. to ensure they are properly adjusted once you have had a chance to “break in” the bike.
− Take your bike for an annual check-up at Cykelfabriken or another professional bike repair shop.
− We recommend that you check the spokes every 3 months or 700 km of cycling after the purchase, and tighten them if necessary.

  • Make sure the bike is as clean and dry as possible and the tires are well inflated.
  • Make sure the chain is clean and has the correct tension. Lubricate the chain regularly, if you have such a chain that requires it, as well as other moving parts such as gears and hand brakes.
  • All moving parts must be lubricated.
  • All connections in the fall season should be lubricated or injected with Vaseline.
  • Check that all screws, spokes, nuts, pedals and crank arms are tightened. Any glitch in the wheel, crank and steering must be adjusted immediately.


− Obtain a proof of purchase and save it together with the receipt.
− Protect your bike against theft by buying one or two approved preferably chain locks and possibly with appropriate insurance that covers it. (check with your home / business insurance).

Warranty on components

  1. 5-year warranty on the frame for the original owner
  2. 3-year warranty for front forks.
  3. 2 year warranty for the paint on the frame and rust from the inside of the front fork.
  4. 2 years on other lacquered paint and chrome parts, are guaranteed against corrosion for 2 years, if they are properly maintained.
  5. 2 years for the motor, batteries, and other components for the electric motor

The warranty does not cover parts that are subject to wear and tear, for example, chains, brakes, wires, tires, hose, batteries (for front and rear lights), unless there are design and / or material defects. In this case, the warranty from the original manufacturer applies. All products not explicitly included above shall be omitted.


  • Normal wear and tear
  • Incorrect installation
  • Incorrect and / or lack of maintenance
  • Assemble of components, parts or accessories that were not originally intended for or compatible when the bike was sold.
  • Damage or error due to accident, misuse, abuse or neglect.
  • Labor costs for replacement of parts
  • Warranty does not apply when any modification of the frame, fork, or components has been changed from its original.
  • This warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of defective parts, and said repair or replacement is the only replacement for the warranty.
  • This warranty is valid from the date of purchase, and is offered only to the original owner, and can not be transferred.
  • This warranty only applies to Cykelfabrikens bicycles purchased in Cykelfabrikens stores, an authorized dealer or distributor.
  • Claims against this guarantee must be made directly in Cykelfabrikens stores, through an authorized dealer or distributor.
  • Proof of purchase required. A bicycle must be registered with Cykelfabriken before a warranty claim can be processed.
  • Warranty claims from other countries purchase may be subject to fees and additional restrictions.
  • The duration and details of the guarantee may differ according to the designed frame types and / or complete bicycles.
  • This warranty does not affect your statutory rights. The right of complaint applies according to the Consumer Purchase Act (Sweden).

Transport damage

If your item appears to have been damaged during delivery, report it directly to the supplier or the carrier. Contact us at webshop@cykelfabriken.se. Cykelfabriken or the carrier will compensate for any of the damage caused during the delivery from Cykelfabriken to you.

Damages that have arisen in connection with a delivery order through Cykelfabriken must be reported within 24 hours of receipt of delivery in order for the complaint against the transport company to be initiated. Cykelfabriken does not pay compensation for transport damage.

When receiving the shipment, it is therefore important to check that the goods are not damaged during transport. Check if the packaging is damaged. The agent / the carrier must note on his /her and your copy of the consignment note that the packaging was broken upon delivery. After this is done,you can sign .


– Cykelfabriken gives one year open purchase / return right from the date the customer receiving it order. Does not apply to sale items, or specially built or ordered with decals/logo.

– Return the goods / goods must be unused and in the original packaging. The customer is responsible for return shipping. Applies only by exchange, then Cykelfabriken is responsible for return shipping of the new size / color.


Reclaim and complaints are handled by Cykelfabriken’s dealers and distributors. Only Cykelfabriken is authorized to assess when inspecting the bicycle / component whether the complaint is covered by the warranty. At the same time, proof of purchase and proof of ownership must be presented. Any costs for disassembly and reassembly are paid by the owner.

The customer is obliged to try to limit his damage and his compensation claims. The customer must first contact Cykelfabriken before the customer begins repairs or the like (only applies during the warranty period).

The right of complaint applies according to the Consumer Purchase Act. You have the right to complain about a product for three years after you have received the product, however, the guarantee only applies in accordance with these guarantee terms, and provided that the fault is reported to Cykelfabriken within a reasonable time after it is discovered, normally 14 days. According to the Consumer Purchase Act, the burden of proof lies with the buyer to prove that the defect existed from the beginning if it has been longer than six months from the date of purchase.

The owner’s responsibility

A claim for the warranty does not automatically mean that Cykelfabriken accepts responsibility for any damage. Cykelfabrikens liability never extends beyond what is described in this warranty. Cykelfabriken does not take responsibility for consequential damages due to errors in the product sold.


The guarantee does not apply to participation in competitions or other events.
Other warranty conditions apply to bicycle rental and professional use for marketing.