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Welcome to Cykelfabriken’s wide selection of electric cargobikes and Bakfiets that are suitable for both families and businesses.” With our products in stock and fast delivery, it’s easy to get started with your eco-friendly cycling journey. Call us to book a test ride.

Bakfiets, Electric Cargobikes for Families and Businesses

Bakfiets Long

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Bakfiets Long Bafang is a practical cargo bike that accommodates at least 2 children and 2 grocery bags. It’s easy to ride and perfect for family adventures. Order yours now and discover the benefits of cycling. Read more about Bakfiets Long bafang

Bakfiets Long Bafang

For at least 2 children + 2 grocery bags, very easy ride.

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In the end of November, Oma's with Bafang will be available

OMA 26

In Stock
At the end of November.

OMA 26 – The ultimate cargo bike for your active life. With a sturdy design, impressive load capacity, and smooth maneuverability, OMA 26 is your reliable partner for all your adventures. Whether it’s taking the kids to school, shopping in the city, or exploring the countryside, OMA 26 makes it easy and fun. Experience the comfort and freedom of OMA 26 and redefine how you move in your everyday life!

Oma 26

The most flexible electric bike


OMA Longtail

In Stock
At the end of November.

Your versatile partner for comfortable and smooth journeys. With extra space and impressive load capacity, OMA Longtail makes it easy to bring everything you need on your journeys. Whether it’s daily errands, taking the kids to school, or exploring new places,OMA Longtail ris ready for the challenge. Its sleek design makes it perfect for both city life and the countryside, and the comfortable seating makes your journeys even more enjoyable. Take the step and discover the freedom with OMA Longtail, for journeys that are memorable and comfortable!

Oma Longtail

A much-awaited model from our customers


Cargo light 750

In Stock
At the end of November.

Cargo Light 750 is a compact 3-wheeled cargo bike with a spacious box measuring a full 750 cm in length. It’s equipped with a powerful Bafang 410 motor, making it ideal for city commuting and easy handling of heavy loads.

Whether you need to transport goods, take the kids to school, or explore the city, the Cargo Light 750 is your reliable partner for smooth and comfortable journeys.

Cargo Light 750

The smallest Cargobike we’ve ever had…

Cargo light 900S

In Stock
At the end of November.

Cargo Light 900S is the extended version of our popular 750 model. With a total length of 900 cm, it offers even more space and flexibility. You can easily transport up to 4 children or 2 children with plenty of extra space for belongings.

With this spacious and versatile cargo bike, you can enjoy comfortable and secure journeys no matter your adventure.

Cargo Light 900S

Cargo Light is our most adaptable Cargobike…

Upcoming cargo bikes: Cargo Light series with Bafang.

Cargo Light Series – Compact and Versatile Cargobikes

Our Cargo Light series offers a wide range of cargo bikes to suit various needs. From the compact Cargo Light 750 to the spacious Cargo Light 1050L, we have a cargo bike for every purpose. Preschools, businesses, and more can benefit from these versatile bikes.

Cargo Light 900L

A Cargobike for preschools with room for 6 children


Cargo Light 1050S

A good-sized cargobike that can be used in many different ways.


Cargo Light 1050L

A Cargobike for preschools with room for 8 children


Cargo Ramp Light

A smooth Cargobike to transport a wheelchair.


Cargo Business

A versatile Cargobike for businesses


Explore our range of electric Cargobikes and cargobikes to find the perfect model for your needs. We are here to provide reliable and personal service, whether you visit us in person or contact us online.