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What would you do if your Bakfiets / Cargo Bike middle engine broke?
Where would you turn for help? 
Would you like to have a Bakfiets with one of the best motors in the markets but your economy did not allow it? 

We at Cykelfabriken have developed a new tool / adapter that is very easy to mount in the frame that allows you to dismount your engine and still use your Cargo bike as a regular bike when the engine is at the workshop or sent for repair.

We are very proud to introduce this new smart solution.
We are a small company based in Stockholm, and we do most of the work ourselves and we have no big company behind us for support and development.

We are happy to offer the new invention to the bicycle industry. But please remember who made it ????

This idea allows you to buy your Bakfiets / Cargo Bike as standard Bicycle, and when the economy allows, you can buy Bosch or Shimano sTeps engine and with no difficulties mount it to your bike.

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Motor Adpater Svart
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