Ponny Extra Long Luggage Rack

Meet Ponny Extra Long Luggage Rack

Tailor-made for bicycles and cargo bikes from Cykelfabriken

Ponny is the perfect solution to expand the load capacity of your Bicycle Factory bike or cargo bike. With Ponny you can easily transport more children, larger loads and lots of luggage with ease. It is designed exclusively for Cykelfabriken products and can be customized to fit your specific Cykelfabriken bike, including Bakfiets Long and other models. Ponny opens up new possibilities for your bike and gives you the extra space you need for your adventures.”

This short product description focuses on the main benefits and target audience, while clarifying that the product is exclusively designed for Cykelfabriken bikes and Cargobikes from your own manufacture.

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1520,00 kr

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